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    Give Where you Live: Goes to the Dogs, The Canterwood Real Estate team organizes drive for rescued puppies.

    All four, full time, brokers with Berkshire Hathaway’s Canterwood Real Estate team are dog lovers, each of them having a snuggly pooch of their own. When team member, Alesha Beckel, brought up the idea to do a donation drive to help CHEW Dog Rescue of Gig Harbor as their monthly community impact project the team jumped at the chance to help the local Gig Harbor rescue organization, CHEW Dog Rescue.

    What’s not to love about an organization that save puppies from kill shelters? We spent an afternoon in March visiting their adoption event at Mud Bay (a doggy’s dream store) and learning more about how we can help their mission.

    Friendly puppies scuttled about the floor attached to friendly “adopt me” leashes where they were snuggled by locals that were interested in taking these bundles of energy home to a safe loving environment. Russell Tanner and Mike Drake brought their dogs for a friendly meet and greet with the CHEW pups, Mike remarked, “knowing that 6 weeks ago these puppies were in terrible situations and seeing them now, its a great feeling to give an innocent animal a new lease on life and see how confident they are.” Shreete from CHEW informed us that they are in touch with several kill shelters that reach out to CHEW to rescue dogs that can no longer stay in the shelter. CHEW provides transportation from California to Gig Harbor so they can rehabilitate the dogs and make them ready for a forever home.

    Gloria, one of CHEW’s committed volunteers explained their process through the eyes of the two pups pictured below.  “Sherette, our President [and who our team met] has an extraordinary ability to see what these dogs can become with a little help and MORE time. Both dogs were going to be put down since they were not generating any interest for being adopted.   

    Rainy had given up hope of ever feeling better or loved until we came along, pulled her from the shelter, placed her in a loving foster home and got her groomed immediately. What people don’t realize that un-groomed dogs, the mats continue to tighten until they pull the skin so tight it creates sores and bleeds.

    Ricki was in about the same shape. Without grooming we would not have been quickly alerted to the fact that this little dog was starving due to his hair being so long and getting in his way of eating. Both dogs have a very bright future and will be adopted within a month.

    What does all this rehabilitation entail? Money, love and donations. CHEW Dog rescue runs on the love of all of their volunteers, donations and a grant or two a year. With those limited resources they provide all of the services that their new dogs need. Including any and all veterinary care- teeth cleanings, surgery, medication, grooming, vaccination and spay or neuter procedures. In addition they provide all of the essentials for caring for the dogs to the foster families that take in the pups temporarily until they are placed with their forever family. They also spend a great deal of time training and establishing trusting relationships with the dogs so that they are sweet family friendly, confident pets that will make great companions.

    The Canterwood Team will be taking up a collection of the items below during the month of May, if you would like to help support CHEW, please bring your donation to our offices right outside the Baker Way Gate, 5727 Baker Way Gig Harbor or email Paige Schulte & Alesha Beckel and we will pick up from your house, or

    CHEW Wish List:

    Food puzzles ( engages the dogs mind while rewarding),

    Kong brand chew items (Kong stands up best),

    Dog blankets all sizes (used are ok)

    Doggie raincoats for all sizes (CA dogs need them),

    Easy walker harness for medium to large dogs,

    Small to medium webbed dog harnesses,

    Small dog sweaters ( for the dogs we have to shave to the skin)

    Durable dog toys (not made in China).

    If you have any questions about how to donate funds, adopt a fur-baby, or volunteer please reach out to The Canterwood Team at or contact CHEW directly at 253-265-6235 .

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